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Welcome to Go 4 Gizmo

A place where you can keep all your favourite links, passwords, widgets and applications in one spot securely

Make Go4gizmo your home page today and select from any of the widgets we have and create your own homepage short cut links.

Favourite links

All your favourite links can be saved so you always have access without remembering the url. With a simple click it will automatically take you to your favourite website.
A password widget

Using the www.IDPassVault.com widget there are no more worries about memorising passwords for the different accounts you have, this is a vault where you can store your password data securely and safely.
In the cloud

Because it is online, you can access it wherever you are, or in any browser, using a desktop, laptop, or a mobile device.
Cool widgets

Tons of different widgets that will suit your lifestyle where you can choose from many depending on your needs.

You can make it your homepage, change the color and the background according to your taste anytime you like.

And the best part of it all..It's FREE!!

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